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That’s What They’re There For:
Keys to Breastfeeding Success


Breastfeeding is very natural but not always very easy. "That's What They're There For" uses mom to mom support combined with evidenced based breastfeeding information to help you get started on your breastfeeding journey. This class is designed for all expectant mothers who plan to breastfeed and is taught by a working mother and breastfeeding counselor. We will discuss practical information on breastfeeding, pumping and milk supply, along with information on nutrition and medication while breastfeeding. Partners are welcome to attend as we will emphasize the role of support in your breastfeeding journey.


.We will cover:

  • How to get your baby to latch

  • How to know if your baby is getting enough milk

  • Positions for breastfeedingWhen and where to get help should you need it

  • Basics of breast anatomy

  • Hormones and dealing with common concerns

  • Pumps and breast milk storage.


The cost is $50 and includes the expectant mother and partner. Please RSVP to ensure your place in the class.  Doula clients receive a $15 discount on registration.  Please contact me for the discount code. 

 breastfeeding classes




I also offer one on one classes in your home. 
A private breastfeeding class is $75.
contact me if you are interested

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