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Madriella Birth Doula Certification Workshops - Coming Soon

In this two-day workshop we will cover a wide range of topics including: 


  • the role of the doula

  • contracts and service agreements

  • how to help your clients plan for and prepare for birth

  • the doula in the birthing room

  • the physiology of birth

  • relaxation techniques

  • comfort measures and positioning for birth

  • hospital procedures and protocols

  • postpartum support 

The cost for the workshop is $200 and if you prefer to pay with cash or check or need to make payment arrangements, feel free to contact me.

This workshop is optional for certification but is typically the best way to learn the many hands-on skills needed to support a laboring woman. It is also a great way to get connected with other local doulas! The workshops are especially recommended to those wishing to work as a doula professionally (charging for their services), those with little hands-on experience and those who have never experienced birth themselves. Since the workshops are held in a private residence, the exact address is not sent out until payment is received.

In order to become certified through Madriella you will need to register on the Madriella website and pass an online exam. Registration with Madriella is an additional $75 and will be paid directly to them. That fee covers the birth doula curriculum study guide and your test fee. The examination is based on their curriculum, which we will be covering in the workshop (the basics of non-medical birth support and postpartum assistance as well as the Madriella philosophy). There is no deadline for completing the exam- do it in the time frame that fits your needs. So, the total cost for the workshop and certification is $275 (Workshop fee paid to me: $200 + Madriella Registration fee paid online: $75)


Please be aware that in order to be certified as a Madriella Doula and to maintain your certification you must meet the following requirements:

1. You must be 18 years of age or older.
2. You must be physically able to perform simple massage techniques.
3. You must agree to follow the Madriella Standards of Practice when acting as a doula.
4. You must successfully complete the Certification Examination.

There is a suggested reading list but there are no required book reports, papers, nor any number of free births attended before you receive your credentials.  If you have studied and shown aptitude via testing, upon passing the test you will be certified. 

Credentialing: Once you have successfully passed the certification examination you will be entitled to use the credentials Certified Doula, (Madriella) or CD (Madriella) if you prefer. 

 doula training workshops

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