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Breastfeeding Counseling

Breastfeeding Counseling

Breastfeeding counseling services include:

- A thorough assessment of your situation: what the problem is, how often you're feeding your baby, how long your baby is nursing, what else (if anything) your baby is eating, and any other information pertinent to the specific issue that you're facing.

- An assessment of your latch from the first feeding cue through the end of the feeding.

- Counseling and education about what can be done to help you succeed at breastfeeding your baby.

- Addressing any breastfeeding education topics that you'd like more information about.

- Answering any other questions that would help you become a more confident breastfeeding Mama.
  • Details

    Price is per hour of consultation. Payment can be made by cash, check or using credit cards via Paypal.
northern virginia doula, springfield doula
northern virginia doula, springfield doula
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