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Allison Carmack 2/18/2015

If you plan to breastfeed and you don't think you'll need a consultant - you're wrong.

I knew breastfeeding wasn't going to be easy but I had no idea how complicated it could get.

I took a class with Jenn "That's What They're There For" and I learned so much - very beneficial and helped with preparing to breastfeed! But the real learning happens when your baby arrives. I learned very quickly that you can plan all you want but the second baby is here - she calls all the shots and mom is no longer in control.

Everyone said the first 2 weeks were going to be tough - so when breastfeeding was excruciating for the first 2 weeks - I didn't think to ask for help. It wasn't until a bad case of engorgement/ clogged duct and cracked nipples that my mom MADE me call for reinforcements.... cue Jenn Carlson!

SHE SAVED MY LIFE. Not only did she help me fix the physical problems, she gave me the tools to keep going and the confidence that in the end my baby and I would get to where we wanted to be. She also kept reiterating that I was doing a great job, which as a new mom, was priceless to hear ??

Jenn went above and beyond to help me through mastitis, engorgement, thrush and cracked nipples. I'm a natural remedy momma and she went out of her way to research how to heal my ailments naturally! (PS raw garlic cures mastitis!)

Jenn deserves to charge a higher consulting fee and I told her as much. I would've paid a lot more knowing what I know now.

Do yourself a favor - don't try and reinvent the wheel - just ask Jenn!

Sarah Gale 1/5/2015

I had an extremely positive experience with Jenn as my doula. She enabled me to maintain my level-headedness and trust my instincts in pregnancy, in labor and after birth. She helped both my husband and I stay calm and comfortable during labor and was a positive presence throughout our labor experience. But the thing we liked most about Jenn was that she is so knowledgable without ever being condescending or judgemental. She really listens to you and answers the questions that you ask. It was easy for us to trust her in only a few meetings.

Areana Q 12/29/2014

After interviewing several local doulas I met with Jenn and knew right away that I wanted to work with her, I liked her honest, no nonsense approach. I appreciated that she was warm and friendly but also highly professional. I have experience working in the field of maternal and child health so I was already approaching my pregnancy and delivery with some knowledge in hand. It was great to have some of that knowledge validated by Jenn and I learned more from working with her. My delivery did not go as planned (as they often don't) as my son decided to make an apperance three weeks early and I had to be induced. Jenn still managed to make herself available. She came to the hospital as I was transitioning into the final stage of labor and her presence there was calming and very welcome. She reminded me when to breath, provided relazation techniques, and worked well with my friend who was there to coach me through the birth. Despite having been induced I was able to get through the delivery without any other medications or interventions. After the birth I contacted her because I was concerned about breastfeeding and how long it would take for my milk to come. She reassured me that all was well and that sometimes inductions result in a little delay in when the milk arrives.  A little over a week after the birth she came over to check in and help with tips on breastfeeding. I'm a single mom and don't have family locally. While I have a great support system in place, having Jenn as extra pregnancy and birth support was invaluable. I would highly reccomend her to anyone looking for someone to help them through pregnancy and delivery.

Katie Fowler 11/18/2014

As first time parents to be, we knew that we wanted to have a doula present at our daughter's birth.  After several personal recommendations for Jenn Carlson and an interview we knew that she was the doula for us.  We were confident with her experience, knowledge, and passion for assisting parents through the birthing process.  On the day of our daughter's birth, Jenn was eagerly by my side, guiding my actions, reassuring me of my progress, and supporting us both emotionally and physically.  Her calm voice and gentle touch eased my pain and allowed me to have the birth experience I had hoped for, pitocin and epidural free.  She was a tremendous blessing as we welcomed our daughter into the world.  We could not have done it without her and she will always be a special part of our family.


~Katie and Tony

Amelia Cohen-Levy 11/12/2014

I reached out to Jenn while pregnant with my second child. I had a lot of trouble nursing my first and Jenn's no-nonsense, straightforward, "that's what they're there for" class was just what I needed. Her kindness, compassion, and candor helped me build confidence in my instincts. She encouraged me to forget the past and the clutter of conflicting advice. Instead, I was to study the mechanics, trust myself, and call if I needed anything.


When the going got tough during the first week, Jenn made a house call. She worked with my son and I, made some great suggestions, and reinvigorated my faith in myself. My son is now over two months and has gained 4.5 pounds exclusively breastfeeding. Plus, I have a stash in the freezer for going back to work. All due to her guidance.


I highly recommend Jenn to anyone who is looking for nursing support. She's the best!

Katie Evans 11/12/2014

Our experience with Jenn was wonderful! She is both professional and personable, which in this type of situation was crucial. She did a great job of listening to the type of birth experience we wanted and provided the needed support to make it happen. I appreciated all the information we covered beforehand and the practical ways to implement what we discussed. When I went into labor, I felt prepared and the day of she advocated for our desires. It was a beautiful expereince. I also appreicated the meeting afterwards to reflect,  and ask questions with a professional.

Lily Whitesell 11/12/2014

We are so glad we decided to have Jenn Carlson as our doula for our son's birth. Jenn was great. She is very down to earth, centered and has a great sense of humor. She understood our preferences and she followed our lead, guiding us along the way.


After the initial interview, she met with us twice at our home. She distilled the information that we would truly need for the day of and to prepare ourselves very well. Our meetings with her were a great complement to the birth classes, and we felt very well informed. Jenn knew just what to expect at the hospital we were delivering at and with the practice we had decided to go with - the GWU Midwives. Because she was so knowledgeable, we were able to have rich conversations during the prenatal visits.


On the day of labor, her expertise and guidance were excellent. When labor got intense, it was wonderful to have a calm, steady, knowledgeable presence who was there for us. She listened and heard what we wanted and hoped for and helped us achieve it. We were so happy with what she did for us. She was a great fit for us and I would without hesitation recommend her very highly.


- Lily, Andres and Baby Inti

Alahna Kellogg 11/5/2014

Jenn was amazing!!! I just had my fourth child in september, and having Jenn as my doula was the best. I had to be induced but I wanted to go natural with no pain meds. Jenn helped me finally get the birthing experience that I always wanted. The births of my first 3 children did NOT go the way I wanted and I knew this was my last chance to experience labor. Jenn worked with me and my husband to prepare us for our big day. When the time finally came Jenn was at my side, she was supportive and calm. I honestly could not have done it without her. She was able to keep me focused and remind me that my beautiful daughter was almost here. Once the birth was over she made sure I was being taking care of. With her help I was able to enjoy my birth expierence and I will be forever grateful.


Jenn is also a LC and she was able to help me and my daughter get off to the right start with breastfeeding. She is supportive and was always avaible to answer my questions.

Sheila Anthony 8/22/2014

Jenn and I met at my birth for the very first time.  She was the on call Doula who stepped in for my Doula.  She was awesome. She entered the room as my labor was getting intense and she got right down to the nitty gritty.  She immediately supported me and made me and my husband feel comfortable and secure.  We had a great experience working with Jenn and would recommend her as a Doula.

Melanie Spence 8/12/2014

My husband and I selected Jenn as our Doula for several reasons: (1) she provided us with the most comprehensive set of information about childbirth and her role in the process, (2) she had quite a bit of experience working with women who wanted to have a natural, unmedicated delivery in the hospital setting and (3) her familiarity with hypnobirthing as a pain management tool.  Jenn was able to provide specific answers to our questions and seemed very knowledgable on a variety of child birth topics.  During the pre-natal consultations, she walked us through the labor process, demonstrated useful techniques with the rebozo, provided feedback on our birth plan and answered all of our questions.  I had a relatively quick delivery (labored at home for 12-14 hours and went straight to labor and delivery) however she was present for the final hours and provided valuable support both to me and my husband which helped us to have the birth experience for which we had planned.  During the post natal visit, she provided breastfeeding support and encouragement and also answered our questions about infant care during the early days.  She is a sympathetic listener who provided us with practical guidance throughout every step of the process.  I would recommend Jenn for anyone looking for an experienced and supportive doula for their birthing process.

Lori Steenhoek 7/25/2014

Jenn was absolutely wonderful and I would recommend her without any reservations!! She was very approachable and open to our birth ideas and plans, without pushing anything on us. She took the time to go over tons of information with us on the stages of labor, writing a birth plan, what to pack for the hospital, post-partum recovery, breastfeeding, and so on. She was also super-organized with all the paperwork/billing and answered all my calls, emails, and text messages very promptly. Though our daughter's birth didn't go at all as planned (she was born via C-section after an induction), Jenn was still there at the hospital with us, and she helped coach me through my first breastfeeding attempt. Jenn is a wonderful doula and I hope to use her services again when it's time for baby #2.

Danielle Sweet 7/23/2014

I wouldn't have had the birth I wanted if Jenn wasn't there! She was so supportive and always had something to make me feel better! Definitely recommend PBS! Amazing woman!

Emily Rhineberger 7/22/2014

Jenn was a great help in preparing for my first child. Both over the phone and in person, Jenn was warm and engaging. She had answers to questions I didn't even know I had! It was a great relief for both me and my husband to feel like someone else was going to help us out. And while my son came so early that Jenn was not able to attend the birth, she asked the back-up doula for updates and was there in spirit. Her postpartum visit was also helpful so don't miss it- breastfeeding support is critical!

Jen Kim 4/15/2014

We are so lucky to have had Jenn walk us through what to expect during labor and delivery. She is warm, engaging, and had lots of great ideas and information. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, but Jenn's steady, practical advice helped ease our nerves. She was indispensible as we went into labor. She has great instincts and knew just how to support me and my husband. We couldn't imagine being in the delivery room without her! I hope you are able to experience Jenn's services first-hand; I'm positive it will enhance your birth experience.

Megan Hustings 4/1/2014

As first time parents, we weren't familiar with doulas, but our experience with Jenn has made us true belivers in the field. After interviewing several doulas, we chose to work with Jenn for her professionalism, her knowledge (as a childbirth educator, lactation consultant and doula!), and her warm and calming nature.


In our two meetings before labor, Jenn made sure we were armed with all the information we could possibly have about what to expect in labor and after, she even gave us a rebozo to practice with. In the weeks surrounding my due date, Jenn was always available to answer my questions and calm my freak-outs. When labor was finally imminent, Jenn arrived quickly and set about explaining the induction process to us, helping us keep in mind the birth plan we had drafted.


Neither myself or my partner would have made it through labor as well as we did (induced, but no meds!) without Jenn's humor, reassurance and encouragement. She led us through various poses and helped me keep my calm and breathing measured when contractions got to be their strongest. She kept a close eye on my partner too, forcing him to take a break before our little darling made her appearance.


Throughout all, Jenn has been an indespensible resource and support for our journey into parenthood! She has been eager and available to answer any questions we have had, and has communicated with us clearly and quickly. I couldn't have asked for a better birth experience, or for a more capable and warm doula to help us through!

Jamie Rickerson 11/14/2013

We were blessed to have Jenn as a doula for the birth of our first child. Prior to the birth she met with us a few times during which we got to know one another and she familiarized us with the birthing process, as well as techniques to prepare for and relax during the big event. Throughout our relationship, she was available, knowledgeable, non-judgmental, compassionate, and easy going. She had a great knack for impartially translating medical jargon into easy to understand language--providing both overview and a spot-on level of detail across the spectrum of procedures and possible scenarios. During our labor, which was induced using multiple techniques (beginning with physical and ending with chemical), she was wholly attentive and supportive to both me and my husband throughout the entire process clear through successful initiation of breast feeding and beyond.


Jenn is a true gem. We cherish having had the opportunity to work with her professionally and consider her a good friend.

Inessa Kaufman 10/5/2013

Jenn was wonderful.  I ended up needing a c-section since my baby was breech.  She was there for me before, during and even after the c-section.  She came over and helped me with breast feeding and pumping.  She went over some things I didn't know.  After her visit, I was able to breastfeed my baby!  I hope to build a relationship with Jenn and that our communication won't stop here!


Thank you Jenn!

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northern virginia doula, springfield doula
northern virginia doula, springfield doula
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